Los Angeles' Nightlife scene from homeboy and chica's POV.

The Angelino's 'Must Haves'


LA's nightlife is like no other. To brave the scene in style and ease, every Angelino, and visitor alike require the nightlife battle pack. The five essential items listed below:

1. Wheels -- LA's a big, big, spread out town with no public transpo system worthy of mention. So, until Mayor V. turns things around, everyone needs to have a good-running car. It's a bonus if your ride is cool enough to glide smoothly into the valet line. If you're rolling a bucket, then it all about the street parking. . .at least a block away.

2. Crew -- A reliable crew is necessary in this town where no one rolls anywhere alone! Not only should your crew be cool, but they should also be smart enough to watch your back. Never know when you're being set-up, or you're missing a golden opportunity just beyond you view. Having a dope crew is essential, having multiple crews is some next level shit.

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3. MySpace Account -- Yes, unfortunately all must submit to the deathstar called MySpace. At 50 million + users there seems to be nary a soul that isn't there. Sign up, make friends with your fav clubs, bars and especially DJ's. That way you know all the happenings around town.

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4. Cell Phone with Txt -- A quick call for directions, connecting wit your crew or logging onto your myspace acct to check the latest updates, a cell phone with txt and internet access is a must. Who knows? In LA the dopest event could jump off clear across town, check the celly for up-to-the-minute reports by voice or txt messages.

5. A Good Plan B -- LA's a big place, but oddly enough there are only about 3 degrees of separation between all of us. Assume you'll see someone you know at EVERY gathering. No telling when someone you'd rather foget is already blowin' up the spot. More likely, the place just ain't happening. Instead of wasting a good night out, a half a tank of gas and going homne sober, bounce over to Plan B and party the night away.

Wonder-ful Sighting


Angelinos such and HE and SHE are rarely impressed by a celebrity sighting. But there are certain celebs that even the most jaded Hollywood denizens are moved by. Stevie Wonder is such a legendary artist. In the wee Sunday morning hours, Stevie was spotted chillin' at a Sunset Blvd after hours eats spot. As if it wasn't amazing enough that Stevie was chillin' there, the man is nice to every single person that approaches. I mean EVERYONE, not just the hotties either (like lots of lesser celebs). . .uhhh, oh yeah, he can't really tell the difference anyway!!!

Stevie eventually leads a sing-along in the joint! This blogger could barely contain himself!!!! "Hits from the Nineties", Stevie commands, and belts out an interesting rendition of TLC's "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" while the rest of us did the background parts. We all sang along to the varied list of R&B hits, "Weak in the Knees", but SWV, "Lovely Day", Bill Withers and "Don't Ask My Neighbor", by late-seventies super group, the Emothions. It was like the whole damn restaurant sang along. Oh yeah, tennis phenom Serena Williams was holding court at another table with a couple other starlets. Couldn't hold a candle to Stevie though! I love LA!!!

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Opening Day


We're two LA kids in our 30's, doing our darnest to make up for our 20's misspent in grad school, building a career, testing out the idea of marriage and being way too conservative. Now we're in our 30's trying to get our groove on before our bones get too brittle.

She will be referredto as SHE, while he'll go by HE.

SHE's an accomplished healthcare professional and proud parent who digs hip-hop, spanish rock and soul music. Quite the fashionista, she's a familiar face in all the shopping hotspots, from the Beverly Center to Melrose, to Sunset Plaza to Silverlake/EP. SHE is working hard as hell to escape her good girl "old fashioned" persona and is finally makin inroads on becoming one bad ass chica with the fellas as well as "bring it" on the dance floor. SHE's known to give what HE describes as her "confident nod" to the fellas who either freeze or walk away in panic or for those brave fellas, ask her to shake her tail feather with them, usually to funky hip hop beats or smooth soul music. SHE can always be found drinking Grey Goose and Cranberry but is looking to expand her drink repertoire, but has yet to find a bartender who will guide her thru theprocess of becoming a drink expert.

HE is also a high powered professional, he logs hours and hours toiling away trying to save the world. HE definitely a mover and shaker in LA, but all in the name of trying to make the world a better place. HE is working hard as hell to escape his oh so preppy and intellectual BoyzIIMen goody-goody reputation he acquired in high school and college. Now, HE can be found dancin with "fine" ladies up in the club, from a b-girls, to divas to the classic club 'hottie'. Fashion is something else the blogging pair have in common, HE being a metrosexual himself. HE can be found shopping rare online websites or Melrose for unique, stylish, and sophisticated urban street clothes that are effective in getting him selected by the pickiest of bouncers to enter a bar from a long line people. HE can always be found drinking the classic cocktails -- premium spirits only! You might also spot him checking his Blackberry for messages from hi-profile folks in LA. When not shopping or saving the world, HE's typically in front of a TV set hoping Kobe will go for 50 again (or even 80).

The two spend weekends hitting all of Los Angeles' hot spots (clubs, bars, concerts, underground parties, etc) and deliver salicious, detailed reports on all the goings on therein. Reports on DJ's, crowds, decor, bartenders, male/female ratios, club fashion do's and don'ts, bathrooms, wack or dope dance styles, da drinks, even parking and security! They gladly welcome your comments, disagreements and questions after each review.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride.



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